Executive & Board Search


Our approach

In executive search, our focus is on finding the most suitable candidate available in the market.

Our clients are mainly medium sized enterprises, multinationals, private equity firms, start-ups and scale-ups.

The positions we look for typically are the CxO levels, hard to find specialists and key people within a local, multi-local or international context.

We are proud users of the Appreciative Inquiry concept and strongly believe in our methodology and approach.

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Therefore ...

  • we are client and candidate focused
  • we are fully transparent in what we do
  • our planning and communication is key
  • we make a thorough preparation as a prerequisite for success
  • we integrate operational excellence in everything we do
  • we use our 25 years of network and database building

Search methodology

Looking for key people, executives, specialists and directors for your organisation? You can rely on the expertise of Inquirint.

We can build on extensive experience in various sectors and positions. 

We developed our own methodology based on the appreciative inquiry methodology and are aiming for a result-driven search. 

This ensures that we always find the right executive for your organisation. 

Function profile & organization 

At the start of the search process it is paramount to get an in-depth understanding of the organization and role. During an intake session with all relevant stakeholders, we will get to understand why the position is vacant, how the organization is structured and what profile is being looked for.
As an outcome of this meeting, we will be drafting a mutually agreed upon job description making sure all required skills, competencies, experience, cultural fit and remuneration are aligned.

Research approach & target list 

A next step is to create a research approach and a non-exhaustive company target list. 
The consultant responsible for the assignment will be supported by a researcher to map the market and define relevant roles and industries related to the client’s core business. Key people within our organization will revise and comment the proposed approach. The research approach and target list are presented to the client for approval.

Candidate mapping

Based on the approach and target list, the dedicated researcher will start identifying and mapping candidates corresponding with the agreed profile. For this we rely non-exhaustively to our own extensive candidate database, external databases, our network and active search. In some cases, advertising can be appropriate.

Contacting, screening & selecting candidates  

All relevant candidates are contacted by the researcher or consultant with maximum discretion and confidentiality. 
During a phone screening we get a first insight on the candidate’s profile and character. 
Careful to avoid positive bias with regard to the function profile we inquire with open questions the candidate’s experience, relevant skills, intrinsic motivation, ambition and enthusiasm for a new career step.
If the candidate matches the function profile and is interested in the position, he or she, will be invited for a personal in-depth interview with the dedicated consultant. 

This interview is based on the “STAR-methodology” and “Appreciative Inquiry” in order to assess key competences and to investigate to what level the candidate matches the criteria related to the position as well as their cultural fit. During this interview we focus on the candidate’s working experience and behavior, in order to correctly determine strengths, development needs and future ambition. 
By focusing on successes, we enable the candidate to talk freely in a non-conflicting way, making sure we extract the information we are looking for. 

Based on the in-depth interview a detailed report with a strength/development analysis on the hard and soft competences and salary conditions/expectations will be prepared for the client.

Shortlist of candidates 

After completion of the in-depth interviews, the consultant will provide the client with a shortlist of candidates for client interviews and continues to facilitate the scheduling of interviews and both-ways feedback process.

Client interviews and reference checks

From this stage onwards the client starts taking over the recruitment process. 
Optional additional testing or assessment can be offered in order to further evaluate the requested competences. Final candidates will be asked for specific references and an in-dept checks will be made and reported. The consultant acts in a facilitating and advisory role to the customer and candidate during the whole process, including salary negotiations, with the sole purpose of concluding a mutual beneficial working agreement.

As we are fully aware of the necessity of a proper and efficient follow-up, we suggest a weekly update, in which the dedicated consultant communicates the assignment’s progress, potential pitfalls or points of attention. 


Process quality

A designated team member will monitor whether all internal procedures with regards to the selection process and our communication towards client and candidate are being respected. 
This is our way of delivering the best possible service, showing mutual respect.

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